Eastern Edge Gallery is pleased to announce WADE IN a multi-site international artist-share incorporating a series of contemporary video and new media art screenings and artist-orientated workshops.

Wave after wave the ocean reveals itself through both flow and time. Describing video we often turn to terms which reflect the forms and motions that occur within water; depth, purity, distortion, modulation, tearing, streaming, and snow. Similarly the collection and screening of video art and digital media is measured, streamed, blocked, and pooled. In this series 6 curators in 5 different locations select from a shared artist pool revealing the varying ways in which the moving digital image permeates our daily experience in a diverse series of screenings.

WADE IN bridges physical geographies with the flow of the digital image. Participating curators include Eva Isleifsdottir (Reykjavik), Chris Clarke (Cork), Michelle Jacques (Victoria), Zach Pearl (Toronto), and Mary MacDonald/Jason Penney (St. John’s).

The WADE IN artist-share screening series will be accompanied by 6 professional development workshops for emerging artists or those looking to connect with national and international opportunities, improving their entrepreneurial and business marketing skills in Newfoundland and Labrador.

For more information please contact Mary MacDonald or Jason Penney, project curators at  Eastern Edge Gallery, easternedgegallery@gmail.com or  709 739 1882 for more information.

About Eastern Edge Gallery
Eastern Edge Gallery is a non-profit artist-run centre overlooking the harbour in the heart of St. John’s. The centre was created in 1984 by a movement of Canadian artists who decided to take charge of the way their art was presented. From installation to performance-based works, this gallery is the place to see something new, experimental and different. Eastern Edge does not sell art rather present art experiences that challenge, re-imagine, and celebrate contemporary art today. Eastern Edge is also a place where artists meet, support one another, and develop new skills. strengthening our artistic community on a social level. Each year the centre presents 7 main gallery exhibitions from local, national, and international artists, over 40 educational and social events, local artists in the Rogue Gallery, and the city’s only art festival, the annual Art Marathon (this year number fifteen!). Eastern Edge also host Destination Library, the only free public library to find art magazines in the city and a brand new hangout space called The Lookout. In 2014 Eastern Edge is celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

Please visit our main website at www.easternedgegallery.ca for more information about our centre. Thank you!

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